Lluís Lozano

Lluís Lozano carries the land that saw him born, Figueres, in his blood. It was here, in the capital of the Alt Empordà region, where Lluís took his first steps in music. He started playing the harmonica at the early age of eleven and soon became clear that, whether he was engaged in it or not, he wanted to do it in a disciplinary manner, so he entered the Figueres Conservatory of Music for study solfeggio and piano. When he was fifteen, in the midst of the effervescence of the ’60s, he created his first rock band called “Els Ponneys”, which was followed by new projects such as “Els Dilemes”, “Els Pippers” and more recently the group “Ocean.” His musical career includes hundreds of concerts for more than four decades, with the interpretation of all styles and having traveled all corners of Girona with his piano, guitar and voice.


Gran Vía de Jaume I, 76, 17001 Girona.

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