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Angela Carrasco is a Dominican singer. In her more than 40 years of career and with several recorded records, Angela Carrasco was won several musical arwards, in 2015 she was awarded the prize for musical excellence at the Latin Grammy Awards for her artistic contributions . At  the age of seven  he made his first foray into the world of advertising, interpreting the theme of an advertisement for a drink. He appeared with his father in an auditorium in his country, interpreting a song by the Dominican composer Salvador Sturla.At the age of thirteen, along with his sisters, he began to teach guitar at the Salvador Sturla School of Music, of which his father was artistic director and owner. At age 15, she became a presenter on a television show called Orbit and was featured on the show Cascada de Éxitos. In this period he had an active participation in the Dominican artistic world and later managed to obtain a study scholarship in Spain. 

He traveled to Madrid, Spain, to study decoration and design. His first opportunity came in 1974 on the TVE-1 program Ladies and Gentlemen !, in the version directed by Valerio Lazarov. In that program, Carrasco started as one of the three hostesses, together with Norma Duval and Carmen Platero, and later, months later, promoted to official presenter, first with Blanca Estrada, and then with María José Cantudo, for a little over a year. This experience, in which he already had the opportunity to sing and dance in each program in front of Spanish viewers when all the presentations by the invited guest artists were performed, served as a springboard for cinema and television. In 1975, the golden opportunity came through the rock-opera Jesus Christ Superstar where she played María Magdalena with Camilo After this, he obtained the rights to assemble and produce the work in Spanish. The work was featured on various magazine covers, won awards and recognitions, reaching the top of the popularity charts with the album by Camilo Jesus Christ Superstar, both in Spain and in Central and South America. In August 1976, Carrasco left the work to be the mother of her first child, and the song was also heard.

“No, there is no one else”, resulting in a success that achieved sales marks equal to any male singer of the moment.

Months later Carrasco and producer and composer Camilo Sesto, who produced and composed most of his career hits, embark on a tour that toured several countries in America, including the United States, where he appeared at Madison Square Garden in New York made them the duo most famous Spanish-speaking of the moment. Sesto produced hits such as “My friend, Count on me”, “Mamma”, “Love me”, “Love you”, among others. Carrasco and Sesto would later become the quintessential duo of the time, making together at least three more tours of America. They recorded the song “Callados” together, with a resounding success. After this, Sesto produced and composed five more successful albums for him. That same year she returned to the stage with My Fair Lady, a character she played in a Madrid theater.In 1981, he recorded an album with Juan Carlos Calderón; the album “Con amor…”, from which various songs emerged, such as “Cariño mio” with lyrics by Mariní Callejo. Later he recorded two productions by Óscar Gómez, La dama del Caribe, where he performed “Caribe” together with salsa singer Willy Chirino, and “La candela”, in a duet with singer Celia Cruz. In February 1981, Angela Carrasco was invited to the prestigious Viña Del Mar Festival in Chile, where she performed in a wonderful duet with the recently deceased Camilo Sesto and where figures such as José Luis Rodríguez, Julio Iglesias, also appeared that year, K.C. and the Sunshine Band, Hernaldo and a young Miguel Bosé. In 1987, Carrasco decided to settle in the United States where he reaped successes, passing through much of Latin America where he suffered the same fate and where he shared with other established artists in the entertainment world of the time. With her new record label she recorded “Boca Rosa”, “Ese hombre es …” from 1989 and “Piel canela” from 1992. In this latest production she was awarded the Billboard and Lo Nuestro awards as the best tropical singer of the year .

Carrasco stopped recording for 2 years, to return with a record production with songs from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s by the Mexican singer-songwriter Juan Gabriel. From there a great friendship was born and both decided to record the song “Open Book” as a duet.

After three years he decided to return, and together with the Venezuelan producer Miguel Sierralta Jr, he recorded romantic ballads brought to the Mexican genre with the accompaniment of mariachi. The album was made up of 11 songs

popularized by renowned artists covered by Carrasco in this popular musical genre. Tracks such as “A puro dolor” by the group Son By Four, “Vivir lo ours” performed by La India and Marc Anthony and “I miss you, I forget you, I love you” by Ricky Martin, is part of the repertoire of this album.

Before officially starting his musical career, Carrasco collaborated on Camilo Sesto’s album “Jesus Christ Superstar”.

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